How to Overcome Addictions

Dr. Stephen Jackson shared 5 steps to overcome addictions. Watch it Now.
Just a quick hello.
I’m dr. Stephen Jackson. You can call me Steve and so glad that you were able to find this resource and I’m glad that you’re looking for help either for yourself or for someone close to you that you love.
but I would like to give you a little bit of a reality check. Unfortunately two out of three people that that seek out help for addiction aren’t successful on their first attempt. now if you’re considering going to a treatment program you’re going to spend somewhere between ten and thirty thousand dollars for a month stay now understand that cost is for a lot of different things from doctors nurses psychiatrists counselors living situations and food room and board you know those kind of things. so those are all expensive and then the cost to you of course thirty days away from your job 30 days away from your home and your family. that’s hard for a lot of people to be able to do and then the thought that two-thirds of those people aren’t going to be successful.
To me that’s devastating. you know I had a lot of experience in the last 15 or so years. I’ve worked with a lot of people with drug and alcohol addictions, gambling addictions, sex addictions , relationship addictions, eating disorders a lot of different issues that we as people get into and it’s estimated that are approximately 10% of the world population have addiction issues.
so you’re certainly not alone but for some it’s very hard for them to change. they can get out of the situation that they’re in one thing that I love to help you with and that is to give you kind of the five keys or the five secrets if you want to call them that to successful recovery.
now there’s one thing that one of these keys and I’d say it’s probably the formmost key of the five and if you don’t have this then you’re not going to be successful plain and simple and what that that key is is passion.
if you don’t have the passion to stop what you’re doing. if you’re not willing to do whatever it takes then you’re not going to recover. you’re not going to succeed in recovery you’re not going to stop drinking already yes you might stop for a while but if you don’t have that passion to dig in and do whatever it takes then you’re gonna be struggling and you know the odds are you’re going to be back out with your friends or back to the bars or back to wherever it is that that you’ve struggled with.
I want to help I know I can’t help I’ve helped thousands of people and you’re one that they’ve given my program if you’re willing to come in with the attitude of whatever it takes then come aboard please find out more read on underneath the video what I say there and sign up for my email and I’ll be sending you information about my product if you’re not to that point you know if you’re not willing to do whatever it takes I’m not too long ago I had a guy who told me I’m not willing to do whatever it takes and I said well good luck with that and I never saw him again but I’ve worked with enough people to know ahead of time if they’re gonna be successful so there’s some things that you’ll read over the next few days that can help evaluate whether or not you’re in that place and whether or not you’re going to be successful so I’m going to give you some material that’s very thought-provoking things for you to really examine is this something that you really want god bless you hope to see you really soon or hear from you. thank you

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